First Attempt

Disaster and a waste of several hours. I was playing around with Window’s Game Center and it had the option to record your mic, default is off. Shadowplay had no such indication. It just recorded. Easy peezy. I assumed this meant no hot mic and only the gameplay would be recorded. I was wrong. Audacity recorded my audio and Shadowplay recorded both my audio and my gameplay sound. So since they’ve been mixed into a Frankenstein(ian?) monster I had to figure out a way to potentially make it work. Stripping the audio out sounded impossible and a giant chore even if it was possible with the tools on hand. Maybe I can sync up everything so that my audacity audio perfectly overlays and drowns out my other commentary. Nope. Now I just sound like I’m a choir boy and singing my commentary. Or at the very least there is a spooky echo. Fuck.

Well I might as well check out how the audio turned out. At least Audacity didn’t hurt me… I’m quiet and tinny. Fooling around with the settings is of no avail. Apparently the Slyr headset is only good for Skype and Curse chat and not much else. Time to actually do research into audio recording equipment. SIGH.

The best way I’ve found to go about figuring out your equipment is shamelessly creeping on your favorite LP’ers. I’ve found the answers to my questions everywhere. Sometimes they have websites like this one where it is all listed because they get asked so much. Other times they answer random YouTube comments asking about it. Even more rarely, they might do an AMA on Reddit where they answer questions posed by Reddit’s user base.

My favorite LP group is Best Friends Play and after a little digging on Reddit it turns out they use a Snowball mic. $50 poorer and I’ve ordered a fancy new mic to help me record audio that sounds slightly better than hot garbage. It gets here Wednesday 10/26/16 and then maybe I can make some magic happen.

Until then this project is on hold and I’m out a few hours of my day figuring stuff out. Think I’m just going to scrap the Metro 2033 project. I’d have to re-record everything from the beginning and I’d feel fake redoing it. “Oh ha ha I made this funny comment last time that I’m totally making off the cuff this time around as well!” HA.

Until next time.



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