Setting Up

Baby Steps

Alright so first, I need a product. If you don’t have a product you don’t have anything to sell. In order to create a product I need tools. Which tools you choose can have a profound effect on how much hair you will be tearing from your scalp. Let’s take a look at our options.

Video Recording Software

I was going to go with my old school Bandicam license. Pretty sure it’s for life and I vaguely remember how to…. Nah I’ve completely forgotten how to use the thing. Let’s see what is new. The tech has had to have made some pretty big leaps since the last time I attempted something like this.


First up is Shadowplay by Nvidia. Shadowplay. That sounds sexy. I have an(a?) Nvidia graphics card and all I have to do is hit some shortcut buttons and I’m recording. Seems like a piece of cake! I’m going to go with Shadowplay first. (Bad idea.)


If that doesn’t work I can switch to Window’s Game Center. It’s stock with Windows 10 and apparently is built into consoles now. You, again, just hit some shortcut buttons and you’re off recording. Man this stuff has gotten way easier since the last time I wanted to do an LP. I’ll make this my backup option if Shadowplay doesn’t work out. (Also bad idea.)

Nifty windows toolbar for recording.

Nifty windows toolbar for recording.

Video Editing Software

So back in the day I had an old Sony Vegas platform. So I went and grabbed Sony Vegas 10 out of my bag of tricks and figured it was good back then and should work now. No further research required. (Further research was required.)


Audio Recording/Editing Software

Audacity is most people’s tried and true open source platform for audio recording. It comes with a ton of tools. I haven’t the faintest idea how to use any of them but other people assure me that it is quite complete. Good enough. I didn’t even look around for other options. Audacity is my baby and would never betray me.



I learned my lesson and will not be using my laptop microphone. Instead, Erica got me a Skullcandy Slyr headset as an impromptu gift. It’s got a built-in mic. How bad could it be for recording some simple talking? (Apparently hot garbage.)

The Game

Metro 2033 is near and dear to my heart. It’s got some pretty spooky gameplay. It’s a post-apocalyptic shooter that takes place in the old Moscow metro tunnels that have been re-purposed to house the last of humanity. It has everything a kid could love: ethereal beings, mutated monsters, and aliens. Actually based on a Russian novel. They did a bang up job with the setting. I’ve already played through it so I can concentrate more on talking about the game than drooling over a first play though. Plus I visited Moscow over the summer so I can probably throw in some great commentary on the metro tunnels. You’d be surprised how much history they can squeeze into those tubes. (Like two or three fun facts. Apparently not enough to fill an entire let’s play with interesting content.)

Generally, you want to pick a game that you’ve played through before. It can’t have a ton of grinding unless you want to spend a ton of time cutting up your video. If you’re like me and have little video editing experience then the task seems herculean. A single long take and chopping it to pieces is about as brave as I can be here. So Metro 2033 is going to be my first attempt. Let’s get to it.


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