Second Recording Session Woes

You think you have everything set up and now you’re just cruising creating content. It’s a surefire sign that something is about to come along and make you waste several hours fixing. Today I woke up, nuked a cup of coffee, and sat down to bang out some more video. Looks like my laptop restarted during the night and closed everything I had open. Thanks Windows and your curse-ed updates. Bane of my existence. Probably the bane of everyone’s existence.

No worries. I fire up Audacity and get my mic all set up before doing some audio checks. Everything recorded sounds like a whisper and run through a garbage disposal. Like a quiet malevolent garbage disposal. What the hell. Reinstall the drivers. No avail. Switch to the Skullcandy headset because it only sounded quiet and tinny. Nope. Still quiet garbage disposal mode.

An hour or so of fooling around and restarting my computer happens upon a solution. Now I am not a good scientist so I didn’t exactly have a control variable. I was trying multiple solutions at a time and praying for it to work so it could have been either of these. The first change I made was to unplug my portable hard drive because it might be leeching too much power from the USB ports. (Queue the engineer popping in here and telling me that’s not how it works. At least I’ll get closure.) The second thing I did was switch which USB port I was plugging the mic into since sometimes USB ports don’t get equal amounts of power. In any event, one of these two things fixed my issue and I’m recording decent audio once more.

Issue fixed. Time to record. Now I’ve learned my lesson from Shadowplay. That being, don’t use Shadowplay. Instead I’m using Windows and making sure that my mic isn’t recorded in addition to the game audio. I bang out a good hour and forty-five minutes of video before calling it a wrap.

It was a perfect play through. I’m running Skyrim on the Expert setting with a small twist. Once I beat the first dragon I have to delete my character if I die. It adds a bit more investment into your character and makes you play a little more cautiously since you can’t just reload a save any longer. After defeating the dragon I head back to turn in the quest to the local Jarl and show off my sweet new dragon shout power. Nobody is amused by this as much as I am and I end up with a 40 gold bounty and everyone in the keep trying to murder me. I’m screaming, “It’s just a prank bro!” and attempting wildly to yield and just pay the damn bounty. I was unsuccessful and die valiantly. So much for Archduke Flufferbottom. Guess it’s time to cut apart what I have and get everything posted to YouTube.

Only there is one teensy tiny problem. I have all the audio but I only 59:59 of video. That’s strange. Maybe there are multiple files? Nope. Apparently, windows records an hour of gameplay and then will just stop without any indication at all. AWESOME. I guess Flufferbottom lucks out and gets a mulligan on this play through. Note to self: dragon shouts are not treated as pranks. Instead, it will mark you for instant death. YouTube prank channels are so misleading.

I hack together what I have and start getting it uploaded on YouTube. Lesson learned. Guess I’m going to have to relearn how to use Bandicam after all.


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